Anita Buljubasic
Account Executive
At Audit Studio, Anita is pivotal in ensuring seamless communication with clients, delivering services that surpass expectations. Her background in human resources management, fortified by a master's degree from Vern' University, complements her profound interpersonal skills, allowing her to foster strong, transparent relationships with clients. As an Account Executive, she adeptly navigates through the nuances of client needs, translating complex ideas into actionable strategies that resonate with each brand's unique identity.

At Audit Studio, Anita's role is critical in bridging the gap between innovative ideas and client visions. She adeptly navigates through the intricacies of account management with a blend of strategic processes.

Anita is deeply committed to the success of each brand's journey, fostering relationships built on trust and mutual respect. Through her proactive communication and relentless pursuit of excellence, Anita ensures that our clients are partners in the truest sense, engaged and informed at every step of the creative process. Her contribution to Audit Studio is not just in sustaining client satisfaction, but in consistently seeking ways to elevate their experience with us.