Driven by an uncompromising attention to detail and a passion for creating extraordinary visual experiences, Audit Studio was founded with a mission to create thought-provoking designs that captivate audiences and help brand’s refine their visual identities.
Los Angeles
Hvar, Croatia
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Web Development
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Packaging Design
We're partnered with a diverse group of industry experts, each lending their unique talents and skills to uphold design excellence in every field we touch.
Audit Galleries
Audit Galleries is a division of Audit Studio that focuses exclusively on the development of art gallery and museum brands.
Secret Sauce
A studio at the forefront of immersive design. We work with Secret Sauce when a project can benefit from ground breaking video production, audio engineering, and digital immersion technologies.
Zao Tech
Zao Tech specializes in design-driven manufacturing. They enable us to connect with the best manufacturing partners from across the world for any project and provide guidance during the entire process of turning an idea into a reality.
Chicago, IL
02 . 10 . 23
Iarca Gallery
Our team had the honor of developing the brand identity and online presence for Iarca Gallery. We embarked on this captivating journey, immersing ourselves in the world of fine art to create a digital platform and branding that would truly embody the gallery's spirit of innovation and elegance.
Brand System, Brand Activation, Website Design, Print Catalogue
los angeles, ca
02 . 20 . 21
Avenue 8
Avenue 8 is a brokerage that empowers agents to outperform any market.
Brand System, Website Design
Oslo, norway
07 . 12 . 22
Valhalla Drone
Born in the frigid mountains, disciplined by the Scandinavian winds, Valhalla is able to operate in the most extreme conditions.
Industrial Design
los angeles, ca
02 . 20 . 22
Globe Architects
Globe is a brand concept we created to show a modern take on branding in the field of architecture.
Brand System, Website Design