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Bonaventure Duprat
Saul Meza
Kelly Wagner
Onur Kardesler
Dennis Arnow
Mike Nuttall
Brand Identity
Brand Systems
Industrial Design
Firefly is a dynamic hardware tech startup transforming the urban advertising landscape. Their innovation lies in mounting digital screens on rideshare vehicles, turning them into mobile platforms for digital advertising and data collection. These screens serve a dual purpose: displaying captivating digital ads and gathering crucial data to enhance city infrastructure. Firefly’s mission intertwines culture with technology, introducing dynamic storytelling into the heart of cities.
The challenge facing Firefly was to introduce and establish their unique outdoor advertising medium in a competitive and evolving market.
To meet this challenge, we developed a bold and modern brand identity for Firefly. We designed a bespoke typeface, reflecting the uniqueness of their product. We incorporated a vivid and energetic color palette to make the brand stand out in digital content. The narrative we crafted for Firefly was centered around innovation, engagement, and connectivity, aligning with their vision of transforming everyday city routes into compelling storytelling avenues.

For the industrial design of the screens, we opted for a minimal and sleek approach. The goal was to ensure that these screens blended seamlessly into the urban environment, providing a clean and unobtrusive background for advertisements. This design philosophy not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the screens but also ensured that the advertising content remained the focal point for viewers.
Implementation & IMPACT
Our branding and design strategy played a pivotal role in Firefly's success. This impactful brand identity was instrumental in helping them raise over $50 million in funding and in being recognized on Time's Best Inventions list for 2019. As they expanded into major cities across the U.S. and into London, Firefly's screens became a staple in the urban environment. These screens did not just serve as advertising platforms but also as data collection points, contributing to the improvement of city infrastructures. The effective branding, coupled with the unobtrusive yet sleek design of the screens, ensured that Firefly’s innovative advertising concept was not only well-received but became a defining feature of modern urban landscapes.