Brand Identity
Brand Systems
Website Design
Marketing Campaign
Project Details
Bonaventure Duprat
Saul Meza
Kody Amburgey
Ariana Riggs
Ben Ornstein
Brand Identity
Brand Systems
Website Design
Marketing Campaign
Audit Studio recently collaborated with Campground, a pioneering web3 company, to reshape how social media interacts with NFTs. Our joint venture involved crafting an innovative brand identity, developing a compelling website, and designing impactful marketing strategies. This partnership was geared towards amplifying Campground's vision of transforming digital content ownership and monetization.
The challenge was introducing a new format of social media to content creators and viewers from around the world.
At the forefront of our branding strategy, we introduced a distinctively modern logo. This logo, rendered in 3D, radiates the brands primary color, Meta Green, with subtle hints of Dragon's Blood emerging through light refraction. This choice of a dynamic 3D logo, though unconventional, elevated the digital-centric identity of Campground new heights.

We developed a cohesive brand identity with a color palette that ensured versatile application across all mediums. 'Ether' was chosen as the primary color, harmoniously paired with 'Metagreen' and 'Dragon's Blood' for external communications. This color scheme, symbolizing Campground's pioneering spirit, was carefully integrated into all marketing channels, from email to social media.

Additionally, we crafted a brand voice that resonates with Campground's identity—creative, knowledgeable, mysterious, yet transparent. This voice was consistently reflected across all platforms, ensuring a cohesive and engaging narrative that accurately represents Campground's mission and values.