Bonaventure Duprat
Co-founder, creative director
For Bonaventure, the essence of design extends beyond  aesthetics — it's a bridge between vision and reality. In his eyes, a brand is a conversation with the world, an unspoken language that resonates universally. Drawing from his French heritage and Silicon Valley upbringing, he's cultivated a design philosophy centered around evoking emotion through innovative design. This drive to connect and inspire is evident in every project he undertakes, continuously pushing the boundaries of design and elevating brands to new horizons.

As the Creative Director of Firefly, Bonaventure's influence was instrumental in introducing mass-manufactured digital screens to rideshare vehicles around the world, fusing the core of brand design with groundbreaking industrial design. Transitioning to Campground, he led the design team in crafting a hypermodern brand and pushing the boundaries of what digital identities in the web3 landscape could look like.

At Audit Studio, Bonaventure channels his expertise and passion into crafting distinct brand narratives and visual languages that guide companies towards their vision. His approach to collaboration creates an environment where every member of the team has unrestricted creativity and the ability to break the rules of design to uncover new ways to communicate and inspire.

In moments of tranquility, Bonaventure can be found at a café, immersed in discussions about design's impact on the world or behind a chess board, constantly seeking to meld strategy with artistry.