Kelly Wagner
Co-founder, Head of Operations
As Head of Operations at Audit Studio, Kelly brings a dynamic blend of operational leadership and strategic insight. With a career marked by pivotal roles in rapidly scaling companies, Kelly has become synonymous with fostering efficient, scalable, and innovative operational frameworks.

Kelly's extensive background in finance, including his tenure as Vice President of Finance at Hazelcast and strategic roles with early-stage companies, has laid a foundation for his operational expertise. A respected member of the Operators Guild, he's known for sharing and implementing best practices in operational strategy, contributing significantly to the tech community's evolution. His investment initiatives with FOG Ventures reflect his keen interest in supporting operational tools and advancements. The milestones achieved during his time at Firefly, Namely, and Quirky highlight his capability in streamlining processes, integrating complex systems, and driving growth, all while maintaining financial stability and foresight.

Kelly's operational leadership is centered on creating an environment where innovation thrives. His approach ensures seamless integration across departments, fostering a culture of efficiency and continuous improvement. His leadership style, characterized by clarity, adaptability, and a strong focus on results, continues to be instrumental in driving Audit Studio's operational excellence and overall success.