Ken Shuman
Advisor, Strategy & Communications
As the Chief Communications Officer at ICS, Ken Shuman has pioneered new frontiers in strategic communication, showcasing his expertise with prominent companies like Postmates, Rivian, & Trulia. His guidance has been instrumental for numerous firms, directing them towards an enhanced public image. Ken's approach is rooted in innovation, with a special emphasis on data-driven workshops that prioritize actionable insights over generic information.

Those who attend his meticulously designed workshops are not merely passive participants. They are actively engaged, and by the culmination of the session, they are equipped with a profound understanding of effective communication strategies. They leave with a renewed sense of purpose and a clear roadmap on how to construct compelling brand narratives that resonate with diverse audiences.

Ken's expertise shines especially bright for companies that are on the precipice of major transitions, such as IPOs. In an environment where the stakes are high and the margin for error is minimal, his skills in communication are invaluable. He ensures not only a seamless transition but also crafts a bespoke narrative that aligns perfectly with the company's vision and resonates deeply with potential stakeholders.
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