Rod Coelho
Senior Developer, Full Stack
Rod Coelho develops cutting-edge digital experiences, blending functionality with design seamlessly. Launching his career with data platform engineering at Bluecore, he later expanded his horizons with Python programming for the Google Maps Local Guides team. Rodrigo's experience wiith Python and Golang, combined with his proficiency in tools like Kubernetes, GCP, Django, and Flask, allows him to craft responsive and dynamic web experiences.

His tenure at prominent companies, including Google and Refinitiv, testifies to his ability to design and deploy impactful web applications, streamline intricate processes, and modernize outdated systems. Beyond his backend prowess, Rod possesses a keen eye for front-end aesthetics and user experience, ensuring every website he touches strikes a balance between performance and visual appeal.

An alumnus of UCSB and UCSC, outside of his professional world, Rod finds solace in surfing, diving into intriguing podcasts, and enjoying a day out with his dog. Whether it's a minimalist design or a complex web solution, Rod's expertise ensures top-tier results every time.
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